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Prepping for Allergy Season

Your carpets and rugs are your best ally for allergy season. They act as an air filter that removes the free moving bacteria and allergens, trapping them within their fibers. After a while these particles become trapped and your carpets and rugs loose their ability to catch new airborne allergens.  

With Chem-Dry's deep carbonation clean, we can get even the deepest trapped particles out of your carpet. Our cleaning removes  98% of allergens from your carpets and 89% of airborne bacteria, keeping your home clean. Though the allergy season is just starting there’s no harm in getting a head start on the cleaning to help you keep the allergens and bacteria out.  

We understand how important your health is here at Ronnie's Chem-Dry. Help us keep your family healthy by calling us today at 403-471-5578 to schedule an appointment.