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independently owned & operated

Providing professional Carpet Cleaning Calgary, Langdon, Cochrane, Chestermere, Dewinton, Strathmore, Priddis, High River, Okotoks, and Airdrie.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Calgary

Carpet Cleaning Calgary

It’s time your carpets were treated right. At Ronnie’s Chem-Dry, we’re the only ones with TheNatural®, Chem-Dry’s signature cleaning solution that uses carbonation to penetrate deep into your carpet’s fibers and bring tough dirt, stains, and grime to the surface where they can be extracted. Best of all, because we use less water than the competition, your carpets dry out faster as well! This gives you a premium Carpet Cleaning Calgary service.

Premier Upholstery Cleaning

Have you given much thought about your sofa, couch, loveseat or any of the other upholstered furniture in your home? At Ronnie’s Chem-Dry, our trained and experienced upholstery cleaners have specialized cleaning solvents at their disposal that will not only clean your furniture, but ensure that it isn’t damaged in the process. As such, don’t risk damaging your furniture – make sure the job is done right and give us a call to schedule an appointment!

Concentrated Pet Odor Removal Services

We all love our pets, even when they have the occasional accident. However, simple scrubbing or dabbing at the spot is not an effective way to clean up after your pet’s little misses. Pet urine that isn’t cleaned properly crystallizes into the fibers of your carpets or upholstery and if left untreated, can cause damaging bleaching. At Ronnie’s Chem-Dry, we have Chem-Dry’s renowned Pet Urine & Odor Removal Treatment System – PURT®. If caught in time, pet odor and stains will quickly vanish!

Thorough Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning

Just because you have hard surfaces in your home doesn’t necessarily mean they’re easier to clean. Tile, stone and grout have microscopic cracks and crevices that allow dirt, grime, and harmful mildew to hide. Unless you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing with all your might, these damaging elements are allowed to hang onto your tile and grout. Don’t worry, however, as Ronnie’s Chem-Dry is here to help you with all of your tile cleaning needs!

Honest Professional Service

At Ronnie’s Chem-Dry, we’re proud to serve the needs or Calgary area residents and businesses. We’re committed to customer satisfaction by providing high-end professional cleaning services that get the job done right. Our carpet cleaners will make sure that your home shines like new. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!   Read more